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CrimeReads names NORCO '80 one of the "Most Anticipated Crime Books of the Summer"

CrimeReads has named NORCO '80 as one of the "Most Anticipated Crime Books" for summer 2019, along with other crime fiction, thriller, and mystery books.

"Southern California in the 1970s was a bank robbery hot zone, but there was one robbery in particular that caught public attention, shifted law enforcement tactics and attitudes, and seemed to incorporate strands of nearly all the day’s cultural movements, from the self-help gurus sweeping the state to the militarization of grassroots ideological collectives. Peter Houlahan tells the story of a small outfit of bank robbers who started out small-time and followed their apocalyptic leader onto the national stage as a job turns violent. Like American Heiress in the summer of 2016, this looks like the true crime book that will launch a hundred conversations." - Crime Reads.

To read the full list click here.



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